Birds We Have Seen and Photographed

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About Bob and Pam

Bob MacLeod's hobby has been photography since he was about eight years old. At that time he was the proud owner of a Kodak Brownie box camera which took black & white pictures on roll-film. He soon graduated to a hand-me-down 35mm camera and then, in college, bought a Nikon F, one of the very first SLR's imported from Japan in the 1950's. Various 35mm cameras suited him well over the years as he accumulated thousands of slides. Someday he hopes to transfer some of these to a digital format so they can be posted on the Internet.

Bob's first digital camera was primitive by today's standards, yet he discovered that the final results were quite acceptable. Over the years he graduated to better digital cameras and since 2006 has been using a Canon 5D. His pride and joy is a 500mm Canon lens he received for Christmas that year from his lovely wife.

Pam Strickland became interested in birds in the 1970's and over the years has become quite an expert at identifying various species. She has collected a "life list" of over 400 birds from all over the United States. Someday she hopes to travel to various other countries to add to this collection!

Pam's birding hobby and Bob's photography hobby have meshed quite nicely, resulting in the photographs shown on these pages. We hope you enjoy them.




All photographs Copyright © 2012 • Bob MacLeod and Pam Strickland • Santa Barbara, CA